MERRELL & the Skyrunner® World Series join forces for the upcoming season!

Από 26 Μαρ 2020

The Skyrunner® World Series has unveiled Merrell as an official supplier of the 2020 season. 2019 SkyMasters champion, Denisa Dragomir of Romania, is one of the big names to join the newly expanded Merrell athlete team competing in the official circuit. Despite changes to the 2020 calendar as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, the Skyrunner® World Series and Merrell look forward to joining forces for the 2020 season with the goal of keeping enthusiasm within the global community high and encouraging more athletes – elite and non-elite – to get involved with the sport.



Earlier this year, the series announced record-breaking registration numbers and sell-out races. These rising numbers show the interest in the sport of skyrunning is reaching an all-time high. By regrouping the world’s most technical races and continuously visiting new countries, the circuit has become more interesting to new athletes and fans around the world, providing Merrell with a global platform to showcase their new performance product range and growing international athlete team.

“Having Merrell as an official supplier of the 2020 Skyrunner World Series is a big step forward for our circuit. With their new skyrunning line that is robust, light and designed for technical terrain, it was clear that Merrell’s products fit our vision completely. Together we can show the world the key characteristics of skyrunning and further enable athletes to enjoy the technicality and speed of the sport.”, said Vincent Gumy, Skyrunner® World Series representative.

Since being founded in 1981, Merrell have made it their mission to remove barriers to enjoying the outdoors. Over the last four decades, the outdoor company has continued to develop high-performance products that last, including the introduction of the new technical MTL “Sky” range, released in spring/summer 2020.

“Having this partnership gives us a strong presence in the world of skyrunning and mountain sports. The circuit speaks to our heritage and our vision of where we want to go as a brand. Our newest product line was built for skyrunning; therefore, we could not think of a better event for Merrell to be involved with.” Said Shaun Bohnsack, senior product director for performance products at Merrell. “Our whole Merrell Test Lab of products was built working together with skyrunning athletes and the products that we have built through the Merrell Test Lab, the MTL long Sky and the MTL Sky Fire, were both designed with skyrunning in mind, so the end use was really these events. 

We have a very strong group of elite skyrunners this year who represent exactly what Merrell stands for. I think our team will excite a lot of new people to take part in the sport because not only are they great athletes but they also bring some interesting and inspiring stories to the table.”

The impressive international Merrell team now includes 2019 SkyMasters champion, Denisa Dragomir of Romania; Swedish skyrunning stars Lina and Sanna El Kott; British athletes Georgia Tindley and Hector Haines; 2019 Tromsø VK champion, Damien Humbert of France; and the female number 10 in the 2019 overall ranking, Oihanna Azkorbebeitia of Spain.

Starting with Comapedrosa Skyrace on July 26th, 2020, fans can follow the Merrell athletes as they travel the world competing in the skyrunning circuit and testing themselves, and the Merrell products, on a variety of different types of terrain and environments that are unique to each location.

Due to the postponement of the season, until the first race in four months’ time, both Merrell and the Skyrunner® World Series will focus on keeping fans and athletes around the world engaged and connected to the athletes and the sport through social media and virtual challenges.

Follow the Hashtag #MerrellTrailTeam on InstagramFacebook and Twitter for all the latest updates and news from the Merrell team as well as the official Skyrunning accounts on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

Head over to Merrell to find out more about the Skyrunning performance range and athletes.



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