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CANAZEI, ITALY - 18th July 2021, Start 8:30 AM, 22KM, 1,750M V+  

Welcome to the 3rd stage of the Golden Trail World Series 2021. With barely any time to sit back and recover from the Marathon du Mont-Blanc only 2 weeks ago, the world’s best trail running athletes are back together for the 3rd stage in the Golden Trail World Series in Canazei at the heart of the Italian Dolomites for the DoloMyths Run!



Canazei, at an altitude of 1,450m in the heart of the spectacular Italian Dolomites, is the start and finish of this 3rd stage race. 22km may not seem intimidating but add 1,700m vertical elevation to the first 10km right out of the starting block taking you up through the dizzy rocky and scree-ridden climb up Pordoi’s Corridor to Hell to reach Piz Boè’s summit at 3,152m, take in the spectacular arial views, and then plummet over the other side into a 12km descent in the treacherous loose scree and rocky valley that eases out into a glorious wooded single-track to guide you back to the finish line in Canazei. Fierce, steep, short, fast, and treacherous – this race is NOT for the faint hearted. 


The times to beat:

Men’s record: 02:00:11 Kilian Jornet 2013 

Women’s record: 02:18:51 Judith Wyder 2019 

See the full race specs HERE 


The Story So Far…

The second stage of the Golden Trail World Series at the Marathon du Mont-Blanc saw a rumble in the jungle in the men’s race, with a stacked field fighting for the leader’s position in the first part of the race, the Norwegian Stian Angermund (Team Salomon, Norway) pushed his prowess up through the pack and into the lead to take the win with Viking force 2 minutes ahead of the 2019 winner Italian Davide Magnini (Team Salomon, Italy), and Bart Przedwojewski (Team Salomon, Poland) grabbed the third place podium through his sheer grit.

The women’s race saw a flash of lightening known as the Swiss Maude Mathys (Team Salomon, Switzerland) fire off the start line, never to be seen again by her pursuers and finishing 9 minutes ahead of Anaïs Sabrié (Team Matryx, France) who stayed focused and constant throughout to take the second podium spot, and Blandine L’Hirondel (Team Hoka One One, France) taking an incredible third place after suffering a sprained ankle, almost quitting, and digging deep to fight for the sport she loves. The women’s top ten group behind was a nail-biting dance jostling for positions!  

Check out who’ll be battling it out at the DoloMyths Run in round 3 of the GTWS 2021:


The Women’s field: 

Maude Mathys (Team Salomon, Switzerland), the 2021 GTWS overall leader after two victories in the first two races, leaves the field open with her absence. Judith Wyder (Team Salomon/Red Bull, Switzerland) won this race’s trophy and the record in 2019, and after her 2nd place at Olla de Nuría, she will definitely be the one to beat. Lucille Germain (Team Matryx, France) 7th at Olla and a dynamic 2nd at the Cross du Mont Blanc 2021, will show her strength in this distance. For Marcela Vasinova (Team Salomon, Czech) this is her second race of the series after her 5th position at the Marathon du Mont-Blanc, in 10th place in the overall ranking she will be out to keep her position. Odile Spycher (Team Salomon, Switzerland) is currently ranked 3rd overall so has a lot to give in this her 3rd race of the series. Eli Anne Dvergsdal (Team Dynafit, Norway) 1st in Zegama 2019, 10th in the Marathon du Mont-Blanc two weeks ago, will be kicking in some turbo. Fanny Borgström (Team The North Face, Sweden) is strong and steady currently 6th in the overall ranking after two races, Marianne Fatton (Team Salomon, Switzerland) a powerful 6th place at the Marathon du Mont-Blanc 2021 put her uphill skills as a multiple world ski mountaineering champion to good use, Anna-Stiina Erkkilä (Team Salomon, Finland) 9th at the Marathon du Mont-Blanc 2021, Nuria Gil (Team Salomon, Spain) at her second race of the series, she came in 10th at Olla,  Mathilde Sagnes (Team Hoka One One, France), 11th at the world’s top-level Golden Trail Championship 2020.


The Men’s field is firing on all cylinders:

The third race of the season for Stian Angermund (Team Salomon, Norway), two wins in the bag and currently leading the overall ranking, who can stop him? Davide Magnini (Team Salomon, Italy), 2019 DoloMyths’ winner, is on home ground and currently ranking second place overall, he has big fish to fry – can he hold onto his title? Nadir Maguet (Team La Sportiva – Italy) will be flaming at his heels in his second race of the series, 4th at Olla 2021, 1st at Ring of Steall 2019, and 2nd at DoloMyths 2019, he will be pushing hard to topple the crown. Frédéric Tranchand (Team Scott, France) is at his first race of the series, fresh legs, 3rd at Golden Trail Championship 2020, 1st Skyrace Des Matheysins 2020. Bart Przedwojewski (Team Salomon, Poland) 5th overall, after 10th at Olla 2021 he took a magnificent 3rd podium spot at the Marathon du Mont-Blanc 2021 getting stronger with each race, Elhousine Elazzaoui (Team Salomon, Morocco) 4th at the Golden Trail Championship 2020, finished 3rd place hand-in-hand with Nadir at DoloMyths in 2019, GTNS Switzerland 2019 winner, had to pull out half way through the Marathon du Mont-Blanc 2021 due to a leg injury, will he be ready for DoloMyths? Rémi Bonnet (Team Salomon/Red Bull, Switzerland) in his 3rd race and 3rd place overall ranking, Thibaut Baronian (Team Salomon, France) always vying for podium position and currently 4th in the overall ranking, Sylvain Cachard (Team Hoka One One, France) 6th in Olla and back for his second race of the series, Christian Mathys (Biel/Bienne Athletics, Switzerland) Johann Baujard (Team Matryx, France), Marcin Rzeszòtko (Team Buff/The North Face, Poland) 7th at the Marathon du Mont-Blanc 2021, and Nicolas Martin (Team Hoka One One, France) is at his second race of the series. 

This arial race holds no prisoners, it needs fearless engagement and savage power to run hard at white-knuckled speed. Who’s got the guts and the speed take down Kilian’s 2013 record? Can Judith run to glory?

LIVE stories during the race on the Golden Trail Series Instagram. 

Check out the 10-min recap of  the Golden Trail World Series Marathon du Mont-Blanc 2021 CLICK HERE



The Golden Trail World Series stands out in the modern sports world respecting unique values like parity, equity, transparency and honesty. The races have been chosen to highlight the most iconic events in this sport today. The Series aims to promote professional trail runners as the world-class athletes that they are, to showcase and protect the awe-inspiring nature and environments where we play and compete, and to acknowledge the amazing, passionate fans as an essential ingredient in the sport. Each of the six races in the Series has been specifically selected because of the scenery, challenges, history and atmosphere that they offer to both the runners and the public. These are the races that every runner wants to experience and some of the first written on any runner’s bucket list.


Photo copyright: Martina Valmassoi



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