NNormal and Vibram join in a partnership and launch shoes repairability program!

By 15 Σεπ 2023

Repairability Program is aimed to extend the life of shoes, and is part of NNormal and Vibram’s shared commitment

As a result of the partnership, NNormal shoes can be resoled and repaired by different Vibram cobblers across Europe

You might have noticed over time that the soles of your shoes wear out in a pattern unique to the way you run. Maybe it’s the heel that wears down first, or the left instep gets a little bit more worn down than your right. Maybe you wear your soles all the way down to the midsole before finally giving up, which is particularly frustrating with the upper is still mostly intact (if a little bit dirty). But there is another way.

In an effort to keep more shoes out of landfills, Vibram, ​​global leader in the production of high-performance rubber soles, has built a team of cobblers with the expertise to repair technical running shoes, including NNormal shoes. It’s a way to extend the life of the shoe, as well as an initiative that supports small, independent businesses across Europe. From its beginnings as a brand, the NNormal team knew that they wanted to partner with Vibram because of these shared commitments.


How does the program work for NNormal shoes?

As a result of the partnership, NNormal shoes can now be resoled and repaired by the brand’s partners at Vibram. The company employs cobblers across Europe to work on various models of shoes—and select Vibram cobblers in France, Italy, and Spain that are now specially trained to resole NNormal shoes and to repair certain components of NNormal shoes as they start to break down. This in turn will extend the life of the whole shoe.

One of the most important things of NNormal’s commitment is to focus on durability, and the Resole Program is for sure a good way to keep shoes in use longer. Besides, this initiative supports small, independent businesses across Europe, and highlights the NNormal and Vibram shared commitment to changing the way shoes are made and used, keeping the brand loyal to the philosophy “Your path, no trace”.


Vibram Repair if you care: a way to reduce waste

Vibram started the resole initiative as a way to emphasize the value of repair, and the role that individuals can play in reducing waste. In that sense, the cost of repair will depend on what kind of work needs to be done.

NNormal shoes will be resoled with the Zegalite which uses Vibram’s high performance rubber for the best grip on both wet and dry terrain. Importantly, the Zegalite is also very durable, which means NNormal shoes will hold up to more kilometers. Cobblers will also be able to repair the uppers, fix threads, change laces, and repair the heel area, something which will help thousands of people around the world to keep the life of their shoes longer.



The partnership between NNormal and Vibram was officially announced yesterday at Vibram Repair Day in Milan, an initiative held during the trade event Vibram Connection Lab organized by Vibram & NNormal during June 14th and 15th.


Repairability Program: steps to resole and repair the shoes

  1. Learn more about repairability program here
  2. Find a cobbler near you: Cobbler Locator also here
  3. Bring your broken shoes to the nearest cobbler


About NNormal

We are a sport and outdoor brand, born between the coasts of Mallorca and the fjords of Norway. Our products reflect the shared philosophy of Camper and Kilian Jornet, the two founders of NNormal: sustainability and performance to inspire people to enjoy and respect nature. This mission takes shape through equipment that is timeless, functional, performance-focused and built to last. All NNormal gear is designed in Mallorca and tested in Norway, a union that can be seen in the brand’s name (Nor-way+ Mal-lorca).


About Vibram

Vibram is the world leader in the development and manufacturing of high-performance rubber soles for outdoor and leisure activities, workwear, fashion, orthopaedics and correction. For more than 80 years the yellow octagon that symbolises Vibram has been synonymous worldwide with quality, performance, safety and innovation in the footwear industry. With its international headquarters in Albizzate (Varese) Italy, Vibram produces over 40 million soles every year, dedicates over one million kilometres to testing, is present in 120 countries and has manufacturing, research and representation bases in the USA, China, Japan, Brazil and Italy. For more information, visit www.vibram.com.