ADVENDURE - Hannes Namberger and Hillary Allen winners of the MIUT - Madeira Island Ultra Trail 2021!

Hannes Namberger and Hillary Allen winners of the MIUT - Madeira Island Ultra Trail 2021!

Από 22 Νοε 2021

In the portuguese island of Madeira, where the mountain sometimes kisses the clear blue sea, an island with whispering waterfallstrailspathways and almost 1500 km of levadas (irrigation channels), a cultural heritage built with the Herculean effort of successive generations who never resigned themselves to embrace the word insulation, an island where there is still a preserved endemic Laurissilva forest, World Natural Heritage by UNESCO, is happening the 12th edition of MIUT® – Madeira Island Ultra-Trail®, started this Saturday at midnight with the 115 km race, part of the Ultra-Trail® World Tour Circuit 2021 as UTWT 1500 race.

MIUT® provides an exciting challenge, across the island, from sea-to-sea, in the Northwest-Southeast direction, starting in Porto Moniz, at sea level, with passages by the highest points of the island, then again to sea level, in Machico. A journey that transports the participants imagination to other times in which the soul of Madeira was not overcome by the vicissitudes of the orography of the island.

In this year's edition there were more than 1300 registered runners in the five offered distances, 115 km, 85 km, 60 km, 42 km and 16 km, from 41 nationalities who accepted the challenge to run on the beautiful paths of Madeira. 

The race MIUT 115 was wone by Hannes Namberger from Germany, with the amazing time of 14:00:36 to complete 115 km and 7.100 m of positive climbing. Dmitry Mityaev from the Russian Federation was second with 14:41:49. The Suisse runner, Jean-Philippe Tschumi came in third place, completing the course in 14:49:28.

In the women's field, the winner was Hillary Allen from USA with the time of 17:18:26, followed by the Norwegian, Kirsten Amundsgaard with 17:57:17, closely followed by Ekaterina Mityaeva from the Russian Federation, finishing the race with 17:58:55.

Τα αποτελέσματα του μεγάλου αγώνα των 115Km μπορείτε να τα δείτε εδώ.




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