Update GGUT 2020 / Covid-19

24 Μαρ 2020

Dear athletes as you could currently probably asking yourself about the situation regarding the GGUT 2020, we hereby would like to provide a comprehensive information about the status of the race and our assumptions: The current situation with the new type of corona means serious restrictions for us all. We sincerely hope you are all well up and wish you a lot of energy, endurance and health in this way.



We support all initiatives and restrictions set by the Austrian Government, so please STAY HOME to help us all to overcome this crisis as quick as possible and that as many of us stay healthy. As regards GGUT 2020, we are convinced that currently nobody can reliably assess the development and duration of the restrictions for the summer. However, the planning for the GGUT 2020 continues with full energy and commitment as every year.

The beginning of June is probably the time when we can provide a more precise assessment about the race in 2020 and prepare a to take a final decision. In between, however, we will surely get in touch with updates about that when we can say more.

More on our Facebook fanpage, but also with a newsletter when we can provide a more reliable information. In the meantime let us all stay positive. We, the GGUT team, are really looking forward to a great GGUT 2020 if the circumstances allow us to run it safely. But much more important than the race is that we, you and all your friends and family will stay safe and healthy. And, if we all stay at home, we will all help each other and we'll be through that even quicker.


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