'300 of Sparta', Sparta - Thermopylae, 8 day multistage road race!

Από 06 Οκτ 2014

Come to Greece and start your journey through time from the city of Sparta. Go back 2500 years and run the distance traveled by Leonidas and his soldiers a distance that, at that time, seemed more than a trip to the edge of the world. A trip leading to the battlefield of Thermopylae. The site of the confrontat ion between Greeks and Persians.

As you reach this same place, having run on the footsteps of the Spartans and learned about their mentality and , their way of life hundreds of years ago, you will discover that Thermopylae is not just another city, or another battlefield. It is this particular moment in your life where you know you have to sacrifice something important for an "idea", a "dream" or for a person you love. And that readiness to sacrifice, glorifies you !

Are you able to overcome the physical and mental fatigue ?

Are you ready to endure the ascents of the road, the endless kilometers, the hesitation, the isolation and solitude ?

Are you ready to confront yourself and your weaknesses ?


Believe in the cause. Focus on the target. Run to the glory. You will learn that glory is not only reaching the end. It is also fighting your demons. And win !


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Τάκης Τσογκαράκης

Η αγάπη του για το βουνό ξεκινάει πολλά χρόνια πίσω με τις πρώτες αναβάσεις στην αγαπημένη του Πάρνηθα και μετέπειτα με την σχολή Ορειβασίας του ΕΟΣ Αχαρνών. Το 2007 έτρεξε τον πρώτο του αγώνα ορεινού τρεξίματος και από τότε ονειρεύεται "όλο και ψηλότερα, όλο και μακρύτερα". Ελπίζει να το κάνει για πολλά χρόνια ακόμα...



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