06 Απρ 2021
The stage scheduled for March has been postponed to 15 May, the Chianti Ultra Trail is preparing to welcome the thousand athletes who will compete among the vineyards of one of the most famous wines in the world in one of the 4 scheduled competitions: 73, 42, 20 and 15 kilometers. Ultra Wine is also back, to immerse yourself in and discover the secrets of the world of Chianti. Along the white roads of the historic Chianti a challenge between taste and effort.
Radda in Chianti, March 22, 2021: The pandemic does not stop the third edition of the Chianti Ultra Trail, one of the most seductive endurance competitions in Italy, scheduled for March 20 and only postponed until May 15, 2021. Theater of the race the territory that extends between the municipalities of Radda, Gaiole and Castellina, small villages of the historic Chianti that represent a piece of Tuscany that is still authentic. For the third consecutive year, the race sold out one month in advance and not even the skidding affected the participation of the athletes, who are waiting for the unique opportunity to be able to run along the historic dirt roads, many of which are private and open. exclusively for the event.
1000 athletes, of 30 different nationalities, will compete in 4 different races, all starting from Radda in Chianti: from 73 km (2600m D +), 42 km (1400m D +), 20 km (800m D +) and 15 km (600m D +), between the expanses of vineyards and the wood of Monte San Michele, the highest point of the route, through the historic villages of Pieve di San Giusto, Vistarenni and Volpaia. For them it will be an opportunity to enjoy unusual views of Renaissance landscapes and to get to know some of the most famous wineries that with passion give life to one of the most famous wines in the world.
From this year the race is one of the events of national interest for CONI, a recognition that has allowed the organizers to work on the realization of the event, in compliance with all the anti-covid measures established by the Committee, including contingent departures, obligation to wear a mask up to 500 meters after the start and staggered access to the refreshment points
The Chianti Ultra Trail, in fact, is not only fatigue and competition but also and above all a path to discover the territory that hosts it. The whole weekend will be accompanied by Ultra Wine, a series of events to get to know the world of Chianti, including visits with tastings to historic cellars, sensory and museum tours, introductions to the art of the sommelier and, in compliance with the anti-covid rules, dinners open-air buffet, all by reservation to allow the use in total safety.
The Chianti Ultra Trail has always played the role of promoter of the development of a historic Chianti trail plan and with it of promotion and preservation of the territory. Strongly supported by the organizers is a message of environmental protection, which is practically strictly prohibited from throwing waste along the route, under penalty of disqualification, and refreshments in which plastic cups have been replaced by eco-sustainable materials.
Among the novelties of this year the entry of a new sponsor, EthicSport®, the leading Italian brand in sports integration, created to meet the nutritional needs of all athletes, from professionals to amateurs and to create greater awareness on food issues in the sports practice. EthicSport® joins New Balance, which has accompanied the event since 2019, and the technical sponsor Nencini Sport, a well-known reality in the world of sportswear.
As every year, the Chianti Ultra Trail will award points for the UTMB 2022 edition. The points will be awarded to the finishers of the 20 (1 point), the 42 kilometers (2 points) and those of the 73 kilometers (3 points).
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Chianti Ultra Trail race office
Via Roma, 12
53017 Radda in Chianti (SIENA)
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