Ultra Trail World Tour: An explosive weekend full of trail races

21 Απρ 2019

This week-end was important for the Ultra-Trail® World Tour 2019! Indeed, three races of the 2019 UTWT circuit were taking place in two different continents: in America and in Europe! We've attended two races with the "Pro" status and the first 100 miles of the season! Let's go back to the 100 miles of Istria, Patagonia Run and Penyagolosa Trails! 

100 Miles of Istria

Once again this year, the 100 miles of Istria, race with the "Pro" status, were very difficult ! Weather conditions were tough. But our athletes didn't surrender and finished this race organized in Croatia!

Women Ranking

1. Katja Kegl Vencelj - 23:16:54
2. Federica Boifava - 24:25:38
3. Dariia Bodnar - 24:46:37

Men Ranking

1. Kazufumi Ose - 18:38:58
2. Gregoire Curmer - 18:55:50
3. Luca Manfredi-Negri - 19:30:37



Patagonia Run

The mythic 100 miles of Patagonia Run were won by our 2018 World Champion of the UTWT: Pau Capell! We continue to be amazed by him! After winning the Transgrancanaria he now wins the Patagonia Run, arriving more than 3 hours ahead of his concurrents!

Women Ranking

1. Caroline Sebert - 25:48:20
2. Tania Diaz-Estevez - 26:25:53
3. Veronica Ramirez - 26:25:55

Men Ranking

1. Pau Capell - 19:08:57
2. Sergio Gustavo Pereyra - 22:20:35
3. Krystian Ogły - 23:20:19


Penyagolosa Trails

In Spain, at Castellón de la Plana, elites of the world were present for this new edition of the Penyagolosa Trails! Cristofer Clemente led the race but Ernest Ausiro eventually overcame him.Concerning women, Gemma Arenas led the race and wins it for the second time! Congratulations to her!

Women Ranking

1. Gemma Arenas - 14:13:43
2. Tessa Chesser - 15:36:04
3. Angels Centelles - 15:43:29

Men Ranking

1. Esnest Ausiro - 11:56:35
2. Cristofer Clemente - 12:00:22
3. Ramón Recatalà - 12:20:28



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