By 18 Νοε 2022

The national league aims to support local races, promote competition in each country, create an inclusive league and help everyone to reduce the impact on the environment

As the effects of climate change become increasingly obvious, action on environmental issues becomes ever more urgent. Whether in our daily actions or in the practice of the sport we love, we must act now.

ITRA is focused on finding ways to practice trail running while respecting the natural environment. We can start by reducing carbon emissions from trail-running activities.

Alternatives are possible. That is why ITRA is launching the ITRA National League.

True to the values of Trail Running, ITRA wishes to encourage and support our activities throughout the world sustainably and responsibly by proposing initiatives which address current environmental issues. 

The ITRA National League is our next step on this journey. It aims to promote racing locally, connecting all ITRA member races in one country in one national league. This allows healthy competition between all athletes in each country and supports local races. It can help us all to reduce our carbon footprint whilst we continue to enjoy the beauty and adventure of trail racing.

The ITRA National League is totally inclusive. It lists all the athletes from all over the world in a general national ranking, by age category.

How to participate: