Germany to host XTERRA Short Track and European Championship Races!

Από 16 Αυγ 2021

The XTERRA European Championship returns to Zittau, Germany for an action-packed weekend of full distance and televised Short Track off-road triathlon racing on Friday and Saturday, August 20th & 21st. It's the 12th time XTERRA has raced around Olbersdorfer Lake on the edge of Zittau, a historic town near the Polish and Czech borders, and the fourth time it's hosted the EU Championship.

What is new this year is the adrenaline-filled XTERRA Short Track race on Friday afternoon featuring the sports fastest off-roaders going shoulder-to-shoulder in an exciting prelude to Saturday's full distance showdown.
As the name suggests, XTERRA Short Track is a fast, multi-lap, made-for-TV event combining two 200-meter swim laps with an exit in-between, four 1.5km mountain bike laps complete with jumps and berms, and two 1.3km run loops.  Winning times are expected to be in the 30-40 minute range.
The women's Short Track race starts at 3:20pm CEST followed by the men at 4 :35pm, and both events will be broadcast live on


Saturday's XTERRA European Championship combines a 1.5km swim37km single loop mountain bike, and 10km trail run. The entire elite field will take part in both events, with a $7,500 USD purse up for grabs on Friday's Short Track spectacle, and $25,000 USD on the line on Saturday.
The men's elite race stars include 2019 XTERRA European Champion Arthur Serrieres who has already won four full-distance XTERRA races this year, his friend and rival Arthur Forissier - the reigning ITU Cross Tri World Champ who has won both XTERRA Short Track events so far this season, 7x World Champ Ruben Ruzafa, the uprising Maxim Chane fresh off full-distance wins at XTERRA France and Italy-Scanno, Short Track speedsters Jens Emil Slot Neilsen and Lukas Kocar, and home country legend Jens Roth.

The women's field is equally impressive with reigning XTERRA European Champ Morgane Riou5x XTERRA European Tour Champ Helena Karaskova-Erbenova2019 XTERRA Asia-Pacific Tour Champ Carina Wasle, and five elite women who have won an XTERRA major or Short Track race this season including Loanne Duvoisin (Garda ST + Czech full winner), Sandra Mairhofer (Scanno full), Solenne Billoin (France + Belgium full), Marta Menditto (Czech ST), and Eleonora Peroncini (Switzerland full).

Tentative Elite Men's Start List Tentative Elite Women's Start List
WR – Name, NAT WR – Name, NAT
3 - Arthur Serrieres, FRA 3 - Helena Karaskova- Erbenova, CZE
4 – Ruben Ruzafa, ESP 5 - Morgane Riou, FRA
9 - Maxim Chane, FRA 7 - Loanne Duvoisin, CHE
10 - Jens Emil Sloth Neilsen, DNK 11 - Sandra Mairhofer, ITA
11 - Lukas Kocar, CZE 12 - Solenne Billoin, FRA
13 - Arthur Forissier, FRA 15 - Carina Wasle, AUT
15 - Karel Dusek, CZE 17 - Marta Menditto, ITA
17 - Jens Roth, DEU 20 - Eleonora Peroncini, ITA
18 - Xavier Dafflon, CHE 23 - Matilde Bolzan, ITA
19 - Sébastien Carabin, BEL 24 - Jindrinska Zemanova, CZE
24 - François Vie, PRT 30 - Aneta Grabmullerova, CZE
34 - Rui Dolores, PRT 42 - Emeline Azam, FRA
35 - Michele  Bonacina, ITA 47 - Pauline Vie, PRT
43 - Mathias Cloostermans, BEL 48 - Anna Luzna, CZE
46 - Lucas Van deyzne, BEL 88 - Stepanka Bisova, CZE
47 - Franco Pesavento, ITA 163 - Louise Fox, GBR
51 - Peter Lehmann, DEU 259 - Katja Krenn, AUT
56 - Jacques Martinez, FRA 372 - Lara Buttigieg, MLT
62 - Michael Francke, CZE NR - Diede Diedericks, NLD
91 - Simon Schwartz, DEU  
107 - Gaetan Vivien, FRA  
109 - Jan Francke, CZE  
112 - Will Crudgington, GBR  
130 - Julien Buffe, FRA  
149 - Vojtech Bednarsky, CZE  

Text Credits /Photo Credits: XTERRA Europe



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