Spartathlon 2012 live coverage from (Final Results)

Από 27 Σεπ 2012
Moments before the start Moments before the start

18:42 > Race seems to clear now, after 11 hours of racing, with Czech Daniel Oralek heading towards the night having a safety gap of 30 minutes after 113 KM of distance and being in excellent shape. Behind him is being made a battle between Lizzy Hawker and Japanese Tetsuo Kiso, both of them seem to be in good shape. Hawker who now has bugged 3rd place overall (!) reloaded energy by food some minutes earlier. As she declared she feels quite well and keeps her strength supplies for the long night coming. The day was hot with temperatures much above the normal for the season (max over 34 degrees), which rises the difficulty factor for all competitors. Athletes who fill the leading pack are, Joao Oliveira (4th), Markus Thalmann (5th), Stu Toms (6th) and Stergios Anastasiadis (7th).  


13:23 > Yuji Sakai (JPN) reached K-74 at 6:14. Joao Oliveira follows at 6:17 but Tetsuo Kiso (JPN) caught him at the refreshment point and left second. Oliveira seems excausted! 

09:48 > News for protesting students at Nea Peramos town are confirming! The protestors allow only athletes to pass the point! Lizzy Hawker still behind the leading pack at 5th place. Japanese Yuji Sakali passed 1st from K-33 

09:15 > Palmeira (BRA) still 1st at K-30 (2:12) with Sakai (JPN) Kiso (JPN), Oliveira (POR) and amazing pace Lizzy Hawker (GBR) in the pack! 

07:48 > The leading pack of 8 athletes passed K-23 at 1:44, among them was Hawker! Here are the athletes: Palmeira, Sakai, Kochi, Anastasiades, Oliveira, Kiso, Hawker. Pace is fast according to the organizers opinion. Day will be hot with temperatures high for the saseon in Greece.



1    Stu Thoms    GER    M    26:28:19
2    Kiso Tetsuo    JPN    M    26:36:23
3    Hawker Elizabeth    GBR    F    27:02:17
4    Thalmann Markus    AUT    M    27:14:25
5    Falk Andreas    SWE    M    27:58:42
6    Vanicek Michael    GER    M    28:28:51
7    Rudolf Tamas    HUN    M    28:29:59
8    Van Den Haak Leonie    NED    F    28:42:36
9    Fukumoto Hirokazu    JPN    M    29:16:20
10    Yang Hung-Hui    TWN    M    29:16:35
11    Oralek Daniel    CZE    M    29:26:39
12    Geerdes Gregg    USA    M    29:38:10
13    Lubics Szilvia    HUN    F    29:45:56
14    Anastasiadis Stergios    GRE    M    29:46:05
15    Flock Peter    GER    M    30:28:07
16    Nakayama Kei    JPN    M    31:12:15
17    Berge Jon Harald    NOR    M    31:15:26
18    Csaba Lajko    HUN    M    31:47:31
19    Bahlcke Annett    GER    F    32:10:46
20    Malinowski Zbigniew    POL    M    32:18:16
21    Redpath Glen    USA    M    32:39:36
22    Suzuki Makoto    JPN    M    32:58:31
23    Konstas Loukas    GRE    M    33:21:28
24    Pearlman Oz    USA    M    33:22:19
25    Arnstein Michael    USA    M    33:22:33
26    Kochi Hayato    JPN    M    33:30:17
27    Hu Jung-Chin    TWN    M    33:31:14
28    Lu Ming-Chu    TWN    F    33:32:31
29    Low Andras    HUN    M    33:33:48
30    Pallaruelo Gilles    FRA    M    33:42:29
31    Suisse Laurence    FRA    F    33:42:29
32    pradasj uan carlos    FRA    M    33:42:31
33    Spyropoulos Spyros    GRE    M    33:46:17
34    Dimopoulos Ioannis    GRE    M    33:46:17
35    Suijkerbuijk Jan    NED    M    33:49:03
36    Nakashima Toyohisa    JPN    M    33:50:58
37    Ikeda Masashi    JPN    M    33:52:58
38    Apostolopoulos Ioannis    GRE    M    33:54:11
39    D'Espallier Stefaan    BEL    M    34:03:47
40    Adams James    GBR    M    34:09:00
41    Zambon Andrea    ITA    M    34:25:00
42    Maritati Giacomo    ITA    M    34:25:10
43    Shirakata Michihiro    JPN    M    34:26:24
44    Haka Sakari    FIN    M    34:29:32
45    Tanaka Shinichiro    JPN    M    34:42:37
46    Vieler Jens    GER    M    34:44:28
47    Bethke Ricarda    GER    F    34:44:35
48    Herve Bec    FRA    M    34:47:51
49    Hecke Friedemann    GER    M    34:48:54
50    Carlsen Andreas    DEN    M    34:49:30
51    Chen Penbin    CHN    M    34:50:44
52    Gogos Ey. Apollonios    GRE    M    34:51:01
53    Shelton-Smith Kevin    GBR    M    34:54:02
54    Perttila Petri    FIN    M    34:54:15
55    Ultra Ary Ariovaldo Branco    BRA    M    34:55:43
56    Zuth Juergen    GER    M    34:59:40
57    Kakizaki Mieko    JPN    F    35:04:57
58    Krystallis Georgios    GRE    M    35:10:07
59    Patakas Therinos    GRE    M    35:12:36
60    Jansen Ronald    BEL    M    35:18:13
61    Matsuda Yoshiko    JPN    F    35:18:36
62    Papamichail Ioannis    GRE    M    35:25:11
63    Myles Alan    IRL    M    35:30:39
64    Krauz Gilad    ISR    M    35:31:50
65    Eyles George    GBR    M    35:32:28
66    Papi Alessandro    ITA    M    35:34:13
67    Panos Georgios    GRE    M    35:36:12
68    Ing Bogi Alexander    SVN    M    35:47:32
69    Katayama Naoyuki    JPN    M    35:48:41
70    Georgiopoulos Konstantinos    GRE    M    35:50:58
71    Oyama Reinin    JPN    F    35:51:15
72    Zahariadis Georgios    GRE    M    35:56:16

This year Spartathlon celebrates its 30th anniversary and welcomes more than 300 athletes from the 5 continents, who prepare for the great sanctuary of 246 kilometers from Athens to Sparta. The revival of Athenian soldier Phideppides trek 2500 years ago from Athens to Sparta, inspires thousands of people all over the world in our days. Share in this almost transcendent idea, keeps the lone and inspired attempt of the englishman John Foden back in 1982 who created Spartathlon, as well as the global figure of greek Yannis Kouros, who “put wings” in the race with his unique performance through the early years of the race. Advendure honors the 30th anniversary of the supreme Greek ultra footrace, following athletes’ epic march from Athens to Sparta in real time for all the 36 hours, with the presence of its editors in the field and backstage, updating continuously website with news, photos and videos. Stay tuned…

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