The Pyrenees and the Costa Brava Stage Run open registrations for 2021 and present an alternative to the race format!

03 Σεπ 2020

2020 has not been the year of trail-running, it has been and will be a difficult year for everyone. The Pyrenees and the Costa Brava Stage Run have had to be canceled due to COVID-19, but despite this, the organizers have explored a new path, such as offering the two routes in a personalized format and in small groups. It is simply a matter of doing the same routes (or adapted to the characteristics of each one) offering the most characteristic services of stage races: accommodation management, luggage transport and food stations during the route. This new format is not competitive and can be done at any time throughout the year, allowing for a better adaptation to different dates and customization. You can find more information on the website



On the other hand, the stage race format continues to be an experience that allows you to travel through a large area, in a fully organized way and accompanied by people with the same values ​​and objectives as you; which results in a special connection with the rest of the participants and a unique experience. This type of experience next year will be organized with a better knowledge of all the protocols to apply in this new post-COVID-19 era, and with greater ease of traveling between countries and less uncertainty than we have experienced in this 2020.


With this spirit, registrations for the Pyrenees Stage Run 2021 will be opened next Monday the 7th of September, the race that crosses the Pyrenees in teams of 2 or 3 people during 7 days. PSR2021 will take place from August 29 to September 4, 2021. You can find more information and registrations on their website


On the other hand, the Costa Brava Stage Run will be held a few months before, from April 16 to 18, 2021, and registrations will open on the 5th of October, although it already has 100 participants from those runners who chose to postpone their participation in 2021. The CBSR has two possible routes, one of 85km and the other of 125km divided into 3 stages and following the coastline of the Costa Brava, next to Barcelona, from South to North. You can find more information and registrations on their website


The refund policy of the organizers in case of cancellation is to maintain the registration for the next edition or a partial refund of 80% of the registration (the remaining 20% ​​can be totally used in the registration for any of the following 3 editions).


Tomàs Llorens
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